Urban Crossover Productions is building on the strengths and its demonstrated understanding of its product niche. The company will make successful and respected films that embody the contemporary urban experience in America and abroad. Crossover's principals understand that continued growth for its business will require the production of films that transcend boundaries of race and class and appeal to a broader audience. Films such as "8 Mile," "Bad Boys," and "Save The Last Dance," exemplify films which have multi-cultural stars and an urban theme, but have a broader appeal beyond the urban audience.

The Company's films will continue to have an urban sensibility but will have strong integrated casts to appeal to the wider domestic as well as international audience. The urban audience will continue to provide an anchor demographic which will guarantee a strong theatrical opening for the Company's films. More diverse creative elements will attract a larger domestic audience and will increase the films' international performance.

The Company plans to produce films with elements, such as internationally known star talent and locations, that will expand the accessibility of the films to the wider overseas audience. The Company will also draw on the talent base of young, urban filmmakers who have historically found it difficult to obtain financing from major studios.

Proposed Projects:

1. THE ARTIST - A buddy action comedy about two college of the arts graduates and life long friends, JOHNNIE GRIMES and LENNY STEWART, frustrated by their lack of success in the movie business, decide to steal a Picasso from a bigot who stole it from the Museum of Art. To their surprise and disappointment, the con man DAN REGATTA, who was to move the painting, can't move it! Now, Johnnie and Lenny are stuck with a $15 million painting that causes them nothing but trouble, as the mob, FBI, Interpol, and the corrupt owner and the assassin he hired all want the painting back. Johnnie and Lenny are literally transformed by the art they stole.

2. BONDS - A courtroom and family drama about “equal protection” and “due process.” WALTER WHITTAKER, a Ventura County public defender, is forced to represent a heinous killer who has killed an important community figure. This wreaks havoc on Walter's family as his children, especially his 13-year-old son BUDDY (a baseball prodigy), faces the wrath of friends and community. Like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and A TIME TO KILL, BONDS is a movie about the conflict between rule of law and street justice. Walter must defend his unpopular client and somehow maintain the respect of his son.

3. CROSSFIRE - Protagonists PAUL CHAMBERS (a get-the-story-at-all-costs journalist), and PRO LIGHT (poet/rapper) discover a diabolical scheme hatched by U.S. Intelligence Community rogues aligned with Latin American right-wing extremists to siphon funds from U.S. urban centers, via the music industry nexus, to fund illegal covert operations in Central America. PAUL and PRO must galvanize their networks to expose the corruption and stop the potential devastation.

4. NOSE GRIND - FAST AND THE FURIOUS-ESQUE tale about FBI agent MARK PAUL's journey into skateboarder subculture to solve a crime. Timely action piece will attract millions of skateboarders and extreme sports audiences worldwide.

5. THE RIDE - THE CELL-ESQUE tale about an experimental psychotropic drug and micro-technology therapy that turns a promising psychiatrist into a threat to himself and to the society at large. To be directed by Berlin native, Martin Weisz (THE HILLS HAVE EYES II), the successful, celebrated music video and commercial director.

6. ROADBLOCKS - A “road movie” about three friends MARCUS, ALICIA, AND KENNY, who take to the road to escape a narrow existence, imminent threat, and in pursuit of their dream of becoming music stars. Under-prepared, they must gain confidence, caring, and courage from what the road has to offer. Upon arriving in Hollywood they discover the journey has not ended, and they must dig deep within themselves to find the truth they thought they'd find in Hollywood.

7. SPIN - A Cinderella story about ALEX CLARK, twenties, beautiful, athletic and talented is a successful bank operations supervisor by day, and a dance hall d.j. by night, dreams of becoming a big city radio d.j.; but there are no radio jobs available, except one. Frustrated, Alex cross-dresses, gets the job, and is an overwhelming success. However, this becomes an obstacle to love when she falls for RICO her male programming manager.

8. SHADOWS & REFLECTIONS - A thrilling psychological thriller about FBI agent LENA PHAM who must partner with a young, brash talented agent, overcome her psychological demons, and stop a human trafficking cartel she was once part of their human chattel.

9. STEP SISTA!!! - Friends change. Lovers leave. But sisters are forever. Based on true events, STEP SISTA!!! is an action dance-drama about two best friends torn apart by competition, misunderstanding, and cultural biases. It follows the unlikely underdog story of a sorority that goes against the odds to compete in a national step competition.