The brilliant Steven Rumbelow died unexpectedly (Feb. 2016) from Sepsis before completing his masterpieces… we are completing Steven’s work.

The dull life of a 60 year old Russian clerk whose existence is possible only because of the blurred lines between fantasy and imagination. A dark comic tale of human irony. Set in the bureaucratic Moscow of 19th Century Russia. Inspired by Nikoli Golgol’s “The Overcoat”.

A perverse history of the world as told by the only vampire ever to have lived. Inspired by The Rolling Stone’s “Sympanthy For The Devil”.

One night in Baton Rouge. A killer with a piano key, thirty million dollars, a bunch of very bad likely lads and three twisted sisters…. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

In February 2016, Steven Rumbelow, brilliant film, stage and TV director, past Director of the Bristol Old Vic Theater and subsequently becoming the youngest director of London's Royal Shakespeare Company, paid Solomon one of the best compliments he had ever received when he said: "I’ve worked with very few facilitators (broadest of definitions) who have such an incisive in-built creativity as you have. Maybe three or four: Laurence Olivier, Joseph E. Levine, Frank Capra Jr. You are a rare breed, Solomon.” RIP Steven...