In addition to its film business, Renascence has established an integrated suite of complementary and synergistic business units that make up the “360 degree” global media platform. Renascence’s unique business model is built on its ability to leverage the assets of each operating group to deliver synergies and produce best-in-class products and services across its entire media platform.

Through complete or joint ownership, Renascence has built a library of first-class media properties and has established itself as a trusted brand which consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment including some of the world’s most popular intellectual property.


2018: Solomon J. LeFLore wrote the foundational screenplay which became the $300mm+ gross receipts hit STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. LeFlore accepted a quiet and professional offer to compromise settlement from Andre Romel Young pka Dr. Dre (who purchased, polished and produced his screenplay). SOC grossed over $350 million worldwide with over US$100 million net profits... and, the screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award...

2018: BRENDA STARR, one of the first of a long line of mixed media feature motion pictures, starring Brooke Shields and Timothy Dalton is being prepped for its next life coming on a streaming service near you...

Renascence (and Solomon J. LeFlore) IPs have attracted some of the world’s best motion picture creatives: Stefan Fangmeier (Fox: ERAGON); Steve Williams (Disney: THE WILD); Alexander Witt (Sony: RESIDENT EVIL); Jesse Lawrence (Universal: THE KNOT); Sir Richard Taylor (LORD OF THE RINGS); Wolfe Kroeger (PRINCE OF PERSIA); Andre Young (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON); Mitchell Amundsen (WANTED); among others.


Renascence has partnered with Steven Rumbelow’s Renegade Motion Picture Corporation – a production company dedicated to high-concept, lower-budget production in all media. Renegade's list of productions includes feature films, TV specials, music videos, commercials and live theatre. Renegade is at the forefront of technology and financing in the film industry, and has established itself as a leader in digital production that works to achieve continuous self-improvement whilst upholding honesty and integrity in creative standards.

The company was headed and founded by the late award winning stalwarts: writer/director Steven Rumbelow and prolific producer Frank Capra Jr., responsible for the production of four of the twenty top grossing indies of all time.


Following the set up of Renascence’s first scripted television project, MISSION STREET: SAN FRANCISCO with Fremantle Media, Renascence is now focused on developing and producing scripted and unscripted series in partnership with major networks, cable companies and online platforms. Scripted content will be based on existing Renascence intellectual properties (IPs) (films, digital content, etc.) and original IP. Renascence has already demonstrated the capability for feature film IP to be successfully converted into television content. Renascence Television currently has 8 projects in various stages of development.


Renascence Digital has established an initiative that combines Hollywood disciplines with best in class filmmakers to live in the digital ecosystem. Renascence Digital will partner with a wide range of digital-native and traditional storytellers, as well as drawing upon existing Renascence IPs to create high quality digital scripted original content. Driven by large social media influencers, the premium original content will be packaged and licensed for the growing demand across emerging digital platforms.

Renascence Digital, in conjunction with Digital Development Management, is building a full service branded content agency that leverages relevant assets including feature film, television, digital, branded entertainment, video games, sports and music to develop 360 degree organic solutions for brands to engage and reach a young millennial audience on all platforms, through optimized strategies resulting in increased growth.


RENASCENCE ELECTRONIC MEDIA (“REM”), Renascence’s branding entertainment arm, operates at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Vine, where brand marketing and Hollywood meet. Leveraging Renascence’s global media platform to offer and create 360-degree content and brand integration opportunities, REM provides a variety of entertainment marketing opportunities to established and emerging brand partners, allowing them to connect with consumers in relevant and engaging ways.


Renascence Documentaries and Education programs will offer an array of film, media and documentary programs, ranging from long form programs to 5 to 15 minute mobile bites. With subjects developed in collaboration with industry insiders, academic professionals, and produced in Hollywood production studios, Renascence education and documentary programs will provide unparalleled opportunities for the next-generation of actors, filmmakers and content entrepreneurs to develop and produce meaningful content.

The Renascence Documentary and Education mission lies at the crossroads of art and commerce. The programs will cause target audiences to think in a truly awakened fashion, and challenges them to embrace the rapidly changing technological landscape shaping the future of entertainment and society.


Renascence Music Group, a division of Renascence Media, was founded in 2009 and will grow to be a strong force in soundtrack album releases around the globe. The music group provides in-house music supervision for films, in addition to releasing soundtracks and score albums for some of today’s greatest films, from both major & independent studios, and TV networks.


Renascence Sports will provide athletes with services ranging from contract negotiation to custom film and television content production. Renascence Sports will be a division of a global entertainment company, offering athletes direct access to the studio’s extensive film, television and digital properties. This combination of sports business knowledge and unparalleled entertainment expertise allows Renascence Sports to create professional opportunities as unique as each athlete.

The first Renascence Sports project is the 1030 Family. It features Minnesotta Viking top draft choice Antone Exum and his 1030 family of athletes and professionals.


Renascence has received a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) from a major U.S. distributor to co-produce, co-finance, and distribute 12 pictures over the course of the next 5 years. EFG-Renascence has enjoyed previous output arrangements with Orion Pictures, Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, and MGM/UA.


Renascence has entered into arrangements with international producers: Tim Coddington and Vancouver, B.C. based Shawn Williamson, to co-produce a series of moderate budget, high impact movies made for mainstream and cross-over audiences.

TIM CODDINGTON (New Zealand-Australia):

Renascence has a longstanding production arrangement with New Zealand’s leading physical producer Tim Coddington. Tim has produced top feature film and television programs on multiple continents, including: EMPEROR (Co-Producer) - Feller Films - Peter Webber, director MISTER PIP (Executive Producer) - Strange Weather Films - Andrew Adamson, director CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: WORLDS AWAY (Line Producer) - Strange Weather Films - Andrew Adamson, director; YOGI BEAR 3D (Co-Producer) - Warner Bros. - Eric Brevig, director; THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN (Line Producer - New Zealand) - Disney/Walden Media – among other major productions.


Renascence agreed to a Joint Venture with British Columbia based Brightlight Pictures (founded by CEO, Shawn Williamson): Launched in 2001, Brightlight Pictures develops, packages, and produces independent feature films and television projects. Shawn has produced more than 100 productions in the last 17 years, over 75 with Brightlight Pictures, including WHITE NOISE (Michael Keaton), which has grossed over $100 million since its worldwide theatrical release in 2005.

STEVE WILLIAMS -- Cross Platform Joint Venture Arrangement with Director, Animator, CG Innovator and Disruptive Inventor:

Renascence has established a Joint Venture with legendary CG and animation pioneer Steve “Spaz” Williams. Steve’s career includes several landmark CG moments in ground breaking movies like: James Cameron’s THE ABYSS (created the first form of digital life “soft surface” CG character), the liquid-metal T1000 in TERMINATOR 2 (the first CG main character), the infamous dinosaurs of JURASSIC PARK (first digital animals), and, the contortion of Jim Carrey’s face in THE MASK, amongst others. THE ABYSS, TERMINATOR 2 and JURASSIC PARK each took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in their respective years. In addition to directing Walt Disney’s THE WILD, Steven is also an award winning commercial director with over 300 commercials to his credit.


Solomon LeFlore and Susan Gee were producers on this film that was shortlisted for 2014 Academy Award for Best Animation Feature & Nominated for a Goya for Best Animated Feature (the first time an animation has ever received the honor).

O'APOSTOLO was shot as Europe’s first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated motion picture (parallel for 3D currently 2D)... shot at a rate of 3 to 5 seconds of movie per day(!) by committed artisans. The production was produced by technical artists from successful movies like: CORALINE; CON AIR; LORD OF THE RINGS, 9; PAN'S LABYRINTH, etc. including world renown actress Geraldine Chaplin and Phillip Glass (often said to be one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century and nominated for three Academy Awards) for its impressive score.