Renascence is committed to multicultural media content (Cinema, TV and Online). In this way, Renascence provides media content and shares culture with worldwide audiences. This, while respecting cultures that are different from that of the movie’s main characters and the story’s subject matter. The goal is for cultural differences to intermingle via audio-visual content with big music component while staying true to individuality. By providing multicultural media content, the content will create understanding and respect for all cultures. Multicultural entertainment widens the perspective of audiences and can lead to increased human dignity.


1. Bonds - An enigmatic courtroom drama about equal protection, due process, and baseball.

2. Cross Fire - Government rogues poison a community and a rapper and reporter are thrown together to expose and solve the crime.

3. Road Blocks - Three underprepared musicians take to the road from Seattle to Hollywood to find fame and fortune; but, find unexpected transformative conflict while on the road.

4. Shadows and Reflections - A psychological thriller about two female FBI agents’ (a Vet and a rookie) search for criminal(s) who traffick teen girls, while putting to rest personal demons.

5. Spin - A “Twelfth Night” drama and Cinderella story about a female DJ’s climb from obscurity to actualization… and, the myriad internal and external obstacle she faces.

6. The Artist - A buddy action comedy about two frustrated artists who are changed by the painting that they steal.

7. The Ride - A contemporary “Jekyll and Hyde” thriller about the unintended side effects of a psychotropic drug on an otherwise brilliant mind.

8. Nose Grind - A thrilling crime drama about an FBI agent’s quest to fix his shadows while solving the mystery of a string of cyber crimes.

9. 25: The Warrior Dynasty - An action adventure tale about Nubian Pharaohs’ rescue of the Ancient Egyptian priesthood and society from threatening warlords.