Rainbow: Legend of Spirit Bear

SUMMARY: RAINBOW is a coming of age and rites of passage mixed media adventure (based on Inuit myth/folklore). This is a story about MACK, a Native American teen, his precocious pet Spirit Bear cub RAINBOW, and NICKY a proactive Canadian teen who takes an heroic journey to save the "Great Spirit Bear" from an overzealous revenge hunter (MELVILLE), and in doing so, saves the ecosystem, the Inuit tribe, and mankind from an ecological apocalypse.

Young Santa

SUMMARY: Something has gone terribly wrong at Santa’s shop at the North Pole. Rogue elves and real estate developers have conspired to create a malaise at Santa’s workshop and deprive the world of the benefits of the Christmas holiday spirit. Young Chris Claus, who is home for the holidays, and some of his school mates, detect the problem and spring into action to rehabilitate his father, the reigning Santa, rid the North Pole of the conspirators, and return the Joy to the holiday season.

Tailchaser's Song

SUMMARY: A young tomcat named Tailchaser leaves the comfort of our world for a mysterious forest when the cat he cares for most goes missing. Soon he discovers the secret world of cats, learns of his special heritage, and confronts an evil cat god.