REM Productions

EFG-Renascence Productions (“Renascence”): Renascence is a unique next-generation studio and diversified global media company spanning an integrated mix of content production, exploitation and services businesses. With its strong creative and financial base, the company is known for its ability to assemble premiere talent and develop properties that appeal to a global audience. The company and its federation of “global” filmmakers has developed a reputation as a good supplier of “A” category filmed entertainment for domestic (U.S.) and international markets. We are a company of Storytellers. Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately connect us.

The company’s structure, management, product, and compatibility with the prevailing film distribution world and its multiple platforms is designed to take advantage of emerging “New Media.” An experienced and creative team of individuals with proven track records and the ability to effectively navigate the constantly evolving motion picture marketplace leads Renascence. The company plans to produce three feature films per year and co-produce others with strategic producers.


The following principles and assumptions guide the Renascence operating strategy:

  • The need to view the global film business on a wholesale versus retail basis;
  • The growing importance of European and Asian film markets, and increased demand for pictures that are international in scope;
  • The production of top quality filmed entertainment that relies on a “big idea” story content, the optimum talent package, and the use of technological innovation for special and optical effects to create truly engaging and memorable content;
  • The need to produce and acquire films in a financially responsible way (GENERALLY production budgets of $10 million to $30 million.) Renascence will match film cost with knowable revenues through management and control of the critical aspects of production, distribution, and marketing activities;
  • The need for a conservative organization and management structure and on sound economic and creative principles (proper combining of the capital, labor, and technological variables);
  • The need for greater control of Global Distribution with sufficient marketing support.

Renascence combines business management skills and first-class film and television development and production ability. Renascence’s team boasts talents of some of the global film industry’s most effective executives and creative artists; led by Solomon J. LeFlore, a successful motion picture financier (Over 100 major feature films; $3 billion in committed funds), executive producer and producer of theatrical, television, and video premiere movies; and, production executive, Susan Gee, with over thirty co-productions on five continents and producer of the 2014 short-listed Oscar for Best Animated Feature, “O’APOSTOLO;” Tsunami documentary, "Nurturing Children In Need" and crime thriller “Blood & Curry.”

REM enjoys distributor relationships with most major distributors, and has had first-look arrangements with Orion Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM, Artisan Entertainment, and Summit Entertainment. REM keeps open its global distribution options, thereby maintaining access to premiere worldwide marketing and distribution teams on terms that limit the downside risk to REM and maintains the ability to share significantly in any breakaway performance. REM has entered the video game space in a significant way... more to come....

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Entertainment Finance Group (“EFG”), sister company of EFG-Renascence Productions, is a Los Angeles-based executive production company which provides and arranges production and distribution related equity and debt products to producers of studio and independent feature motion pictures and other electronic media.

The production of feature length motion pictures and other electronic content requires the combination of management, law, literary material, creative labor, performance labor, finance, and global distribution. EFG has put in place relationships with these parties so meritorious productions will go from good ideas to top quality transmedia content.

EFG is a 20 plus year old company that helps global producers by providing the following services: Development Funding; Co-Production Financing; Equity Investments; U.S. Releases; Cable Premieres; International Sales Arrangements; Banking of Contracts; GAP Financing; Co-Production and Co-Finance Services.

The Company has been involved with the finance, production, completion guaranties and/or distribution for over 100 major feature film projects, representing $2.5 billion of commitments. EFG was organized to provide specialized financial and business management services to domestic (U.S.) and international filmmakers and cross platform content developers.

EFG is also advisor and consultant to investors, financiers, distributors, and trading companies seeking participation in the U.S. filmed entertainment and transmedia businesses. EFG is considered a pioneer of the globalization of the independent film and electronic media market.

LeFlore has originated or participated in the structuring of investment and commercial bank financing for scores of studio originated films (over $1.5 billion of project finance), independent productions ($1 billion of project finance) and arranged completion guaranties (for CBC) for more than $500 million of production budgets. EFG’s services evolved to include distribution placement and producer services for transmedia companies.

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