THE ARTIST - Buddy Action Comedy - A rags to riches story about social stratification, risk and the transformational power of art.

THE BENEFACTOR - Political Action Thriller - A riveting story about love, peril, choices, and consequences of a deadly mixture of the three.

BONDS - Court Room Drama - A rites of passage, Father/Son story about growing up with Equal Protection, Due Process, and Baseball.

THE CONQUEST - Epic Action Adventure - Epic story about William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy who becomes the first Norman King of England.

CROSS FIRE - Political Action Thriller - A riveting and timely story about a community under siege from benign neglect, mass conspiracy, and illegal pharmaceuticals.

FEATHERING THE WIND - Coming of Age Thriller - About first love, the tragedy of loss, the indomitable human spirit and sailing.

HUNTER CHRONICLES - Eco-Thriller - A timely dramatic story about ambition, fatal imprudence, and the resulting risk to a precious resource.

LE CHEVALIER - Biopic - A compelling biopic about the incredible and tumultuous journey of renaissance man, Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges, the first Black classical composer, world champion fencer, virtuoso violinist, and colonel of the first Black Military Legion in Europe. Joseph Bologne survived slavery to become a part of the French aristocracy. A journey that included: the Seven Years' War; Abolitionist Statesman; the French Revolution; and, finally, the "Reign of Terror" that nearly cost him his life.

NEXUS - Sci-Fi Thriller - About the privatization of the strategic defense initiative and the near fatal consequences.

NOSE GRIND - Action Thriller - A crime drama about an edgy skateboard sub-culture and the thrills and misadventure it spawns.

THE OATH - Rites of Passage Drama - A story about a frustrated American doctor caught up in a struggle between an indigenous tribe and global pharmaceuticals over a forest rich with herbal cures.

RAINBOW aka SPIRIT BEAR - Fantasy Adventure - A fantasy adventure about a Canadian girl, a Native American boy and his pet Kermode bear cub who brave severe social and physical obstacles to save a land, a people, and its great Inua (spiritual force).

THE RIDE - Psychological Thriller - A riveting story about the chaotic effects of psycho-tropic medicines on an otherwise normal psyche.

ROAD BLOCKS - Coming of Age Road Story - A fantastic story about the journey of three under prepared teens who run from their past and head to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.

SHADOWS & REFLECTIONS - Socio-Psychological Thriller - About two brave young women who enter a perverted world to save children from destruction.

SPIN - Twelfth Night Drama - A fun melodramatic story about a young woman who risks all to realize her dream of becoming an influential artist and therapist.

STEP SISTA!!! aka STEPPING!!! - Coming of Age Dance Drama - Friends change. Lovers leave. But sisters are forever. Based on true events, follows the unlikely underdog story of a sorority that goes against the odds to compete in a national step competition.

TRANSFERENCE - Psychological Thriller - Compelling story about the infestation and disintegration of a psychotherapist, her family, and a mental health institution at the hands of a delusional but brilliant psychopath.

YOUNG SANTA - Family Fantasy Adventure - CHRIS CLAUS (grandson of Old Saint Nicholas) journeys to the North Pole from boarding school to discover Santa's paradise in a state of malaise, bad elves and developers conspiring to take over the Santa Claus estate to put an end to Christmas as we've come to know it. Chris, his buddies, and Old Saint Nick, team up to use technology and old fashion ingenuity to right the sleigh and return the Joy to Christmas.