Solomon J. LeFlore - Producer and Managing Director

Solomon J. LeFlore is a former corporate and entertainment industries banker turned financier, writer and producer who knows exactly what he wants: movies with heart, humanity, humor and the ability to transcend cultural divides. In other words, movies that appeal to what we all have in common, versus that which divides us. And, multi-directional motion pictures which take advantage of the emerging confluence between art, technology, and the global web.
Most in the entertainment industry know Solomon as that pioneer entrepreneur who has arranged financing for over 85 major feature films: ranging from Terry Gilliam's high budget, "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"; to Gus Van Sant's low budget, "My Own Private Idaho." Solomon has been involved with films like the first NC-17 rated film, "Henry and June," and Oliver Stone's, "Born On The Fourth of July," as well as urban tales like "New Jack City" and "The Five Heart Beats." He has assisted most of the major U.S. Studios with film production financing.
Solomon is a writer of considerable talent. He has written 15 feature length screenplays, 5 have been optioned (each for six figure amounts), as well as 6 detailed film treatments, 2 manuscripts, 2 TV pilots, and a sports-based inspirational video. Each writing is designed with commercial and artistic merit in mind, as well as the contents' playability on each major and emerging platform. He recently co-wrote (March 2013) a treatment (COLLISION, a documentary feature film with Barry O’Brien (CSI:Miami)) about ex-NFLers who are now disabled, abandoned, and in need...economic externalities. 
Solomon earned Economics and Social Psychology degrees from the University of California, before earning a graduate degree in Banking (Pacific Coast Banking School) through the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington. He became a corporate and international banker with Security Pacific National Bank (acquired by Bank of America), and an entertainment industries banker with Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank in Beverly Hills; AND, business development advisor for Fuji Bank America, Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, Daiwa Securities America, Germany’s VIP Media Fund, among other European Film Funds. At Union Bank, he financed films for majors, mini-majors, as well as independent producers; and continues to arrange financing for productions via EFG and third party financial institutions.
In 1995, Orion Pictures and Solomon entered into a first-look, multiple picture deal. This ended when Orion was sold to MGM in 1997. Having financed many feature films, he enjoys direct access to top talent, prominent agents, seasoned producers, and senior studio executives. In addition to the Orion Pictures distribution output arrangement, Solomon has enjoyed similar arrangements with Universal Pictures (2000-2005); MGM/UA (2001- 2005);Artisan Entertainment (2001-2005); CLT-Ufa International (2002-2007); and Summit Entertainment (2009-2013).
Solomon produced the award winning stop motion animation, O’ Apostolo (2012-2013), Stirling Siliphant's THE GRASS HARP with John Davis and Charles Matthau. This film was based on the novel by Truman Capote, and featured top artists: Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, Eddie Furlong, Joe Don Baker among others. He was a consulting producer on Gus Van Sant's MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, as well as Robert Townsend's THE FIVE HEARTBEATS. Solomon also produced the docu-drama WHAT RAMON DID which was nominated for a Cine Gold Eagle Award and was broadcast on the Public Broadcasting System.
Solomon spent 1997 through 2014 financing third party productions, and in development on feature picture projects (15 first class screenplays developed), researching, writing, and traveling. The result is an extensive inventory of creative material, international finance relationships, and a production company and ventures set to meet the demands of the new millennium.
In 2004, LeFlore entered into a co-production/co-finance arrangement with Simon West Productions ("Con Air," "Tomb Raider," "General's Daughter") for the production of major feature films, the first of which being DALI, the Salvador Dali biopic.
In 2005 LeFlore wrote, directed, and narrated a documentary for the Mary Ellen Gerber Foundation about the 1999 Orissa, India Cyclone and the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami and the M.E.G. Foundation they spawned to "nurture children in need."
In 2006, LeFlore and EFG set up global distribution for BRENDA STARR (starring Brooke Shields, Timothy Dalton, Charles Durning, etc.) based on the long-running eponymous comic strip character with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM).

In 2007, LeFlore added two new screenplays to Renascence’s inventory of developed feature film projects: THE ARTIST and SPIRIT BEAR.  THE ARTIST is a buddy action comedy (about classism and social stratification) and SPIRIT BEAR is a fantasy adventure about an Inuit Indian boy’s adventure into the western world to save the “Great Spirit Bear” and his tribe’s land, culture and way of life.... think BROTHER BEAR.
In 2008, LeFlore finished writing and published GOTTA HAVE GAME THE SECRET TO CHANGE (‘GAME”) (Book Surge / Amazon).  Like Bruce Lee’s philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, LeFlore has written a book that falls squarely in the inspiration, aspiration, and motivation space. And, while capturing the essence of the main tenants of traditional philosophy as well as new thought, GAME reflects and embodies the best of the best literary and philosophical work(s), and does not portend to be an end to itself. The reader is encouraged to “live in the moment,” “the perpetual now,” and yield not to reactive thought, but nurture and cultivate proactive thinking.

In 2009, LeFlore and EFG-Renascence entered into advanced discussions with major U.S. Distributors about the distribution of the Renascence slate of pictures. Simultaneously, LeFlore is in advanced discussions with major global hedge funds, equity sources, and entertainment industry banks about film financing and co-financing vehicles. 

In 2010 Produced BLOOD & CURRY, A Hitchcockian crime thriller about an “honor killing” which takes place just hours before the one year wedding celebration of Atul and Deepa Verma.  In a fit of rage Atul kills Deepa  (his arranged bride) because he feels that she has dishonored him.  The only question that remains is will Atul get away with murder? or will western powers bring Atul to justice?  This truly east meets west thriller is currently being screened for worldwide distributors, and begs the question, is there any honor in killing? Or, is it just another form of domestic violence and domestic terrorism?

In 2011, Entered into joint venture agreement with Barry O’Brien (CSI:Miami; HANNAH MONTANA) and Jeffrey Rohrer (award-winning commercial producer) to develop and produce a feature length documentary about the American Dream/American tragedy called the National Football League. Mark and Michael Polish (NORTHFORK; ASTRONAUT FARMER; FOR LOVERS ONLY) are attached to direct (not contractual).

Entered into co-production agreement with UK’s Fusion Transmedia, a toy, video game, and TV series production company which focuses on children’s and young adult programming. Projects involved include: SHIRLEY HOLMES; REBEL TOYS; CONEY WORLD and THE JUKE.

Received Letter of Intent (“LOI”) from eOne Entertainment, world’s largest independent film, television and music distributor for three pictures (THE CONQUEST; HUNTER CHRONICLES and TRANSFERENCE) as a first step towards a multi-picture distribution output arrangement for 5 international territories. 

In 2012 Solomon took the non-exclusive Joint Venture with television series show runner and writing veteran Barry O’Brien (CSI-Miami and Hannah Montana among other TV series) to the next level by securing a 13-episode series order from Fremantle Media Enterprises. He wrote 2 television pilots THE MISSION: San Francisco and CALISOU (California State Bureau of Investigations, Special Operations Unit) both of which have been well received by international distributors.

In 2013, Solomon also formed a Joint Venture partnership with UK-NZ feature film and television production veteran Tim Coddington (MARCO POLO; NARNIA franchise; CIRQUE DU SOLEIL; MR. PIP; EMPEROR; YOGI BEAR; etc.). This gives EFG-Renascence a strong presence in the global feature and TV businesses.

2013-2014, Solomon created a Joint Venture partnership with Laura McIntosh and Susan Gee to produce, syndicate, and broadcast 1/2 hours “farm to fork” and travelogue series including BRINGING IT HOME With Laura McIntosh.

Also in 2013-2014, Solomon was a producer of the Goya-nominated O’APOSTOLO, Europe's first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated motion picture. Solomon is responsible for worldwide distribution, English language production, and post production and Vfx finance. 

In 2014, O’APOSTOLO was short-listed for an Oscar.

In 2014-2015 Solomon created co-productions for 3 first class theatrical motion picture productions: YOUNG SANTA; FEATHERING THE WIND and STEP SISTA!!! in addition to Renascence internally developed feature projects: THE CONQUEST; TRANSFERENCE; and THE ARTIST.

In June 2015 EFG-Renascence agreed to a co-production arrangement with British Columbia based BrightLight Pictures headed by SHAWN WILLIAMSON to produce up to three motion picture projects.
Susan Gee – Producer and Head of Creative Affairs:
Susan graduated from UCLA with a Sociology degree in Business Organizations and Structures and completed an internship at the Merrill Lynch investment banking firm before starting a career in the film and television business. Her first position was with All-American Communications (a feature film and recorded music company and producers of “Baywatch”), where she was promoted from Executive Assistant to the President, to Production Coordinator/Director of Talent and Casting.
Susan continued her film production career as Corporate Production Coordinator for TransWorld Entertainment (“TWE”) where she acted as corporate production liaison for over 25 films produced on 5 continents. She followed her TWE stint with three years at the Completion Bond Company (CBC), at the time, the largest motion picture completion guarantor. It was at CBC that Ms. Gee met Mr. LeFlore, a consultant with CBC, and started their collaboration.
Susan is responsible for coordinating the acquisition, development, and packaging activities for each of Renascence’s films. She enjoys relationships with a diverse group of international producers, writers, directors, actors, as well as their agents and management companies. She works closely with Mr. LeFlore to oversee the overall operations of the company in addition to overseeing the company’s creative and business development activity, while managing her independent content (film, television, online video games) development company, Geeforce Enterprises.

In 2014 in addition to leading the charge on 5 feature motion picture project developments, Susan was a producer of Goya-nominated Spanish language feature motion picture O’ APOSTOLO, Europe’s first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated feature motion picture.  A story about redemption, she is in the process of screening the picture for the purpose of festivals and setting up global distribution outside of Spanish speaking territories.  In 2014, O’APOSTOLO was short-listed for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. 

2015-2016: Susan will produce Renascence internally developed feature projects: THE CONQUEST; RAINBOW; TRANSFERENCE; and THE ARTIST in addition to international co-productions: FEATHERING THE WIND; STEP SISTA!!! and YOUNG SANTA.

Lana Campbell – Director of Development and Business Affairs :
After a career in the performing arts, Lana returned to college and earned a Masters degree in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. In 1989, Lana received a juris doctor degree from prestigious Boalt Hall in Berkeley.
Lana then became President and Chief Operating Officer of the Huntington Beach Playhouse, Lana produced several plays a year and soon realized that her true love was indeed entertainment. This time she set her sights on Hollywood - and not as a performer, but as a producer.
In 1994, Lana moved to Hollywood and, after various short-term projects and a brief stint at Columbia Pictures legal department, Lana became increasingly sought out as a lawyer and consultant by various start-up production companies and young film and music artists.
Lana's momentous meeting with Doug McHenry and George Jackson occurred early in 1996, when she consulted on a film financing business plan they were developing for their company, Elephant Walk Entertainment. During the next few months, Lana undertook various projects for the duo, including research projects and developing public relations materials for their company. By October 1996, Lana accepted a full-time position with the company and began working directly with company president, Doug McHenry.
Lana quickly became a member of Elephant Walk's producing team. Her duties included attending weekly production meetings of Elephant Walk's sitcom, Malcolm and Eddie. When Elephant Walk developed a taped live-performance music show, Motown Live, Lana was the company's production representative.
In 1999, Lana was named Director of Development and, in 2000, she became VP of Development and Production for Elephant Walk. Lana's recent film projects include Kingdom Come (2000), The Brothers (2001), Two Can Play That Game (2001) and Keep The Faith, Baby (2002).

Impressed by the operating strategy and breadth of global contacts maintained by LeFlore and REM, Lana decided to join REM and lend her considerable business affairs and creative affairs skills to its operation.


Shawn Williamson: Chairman, Brightlight Pictures
With over 25 years of experience, Shawn Williamson has risen to the forefront of the Canadian film and television industry as a leading independent film and television producer. A native of Vancouver, Shawn began his career as a stage manager in live theatre in 1983 and has since produced live events, live television, television series and movies, as well as feature films.

Through Brightlight Pictures, Shawn develops, finances, and produces feature films and television for the domestic and international marketplace. Shawn has filmed in many international locations including Croatia, Romania, Ireland, Singapore, France, England, South Africa, and Australia. FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING (Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess) was produced as a Canada/UK co-production, filmed in Belfast and opening with a Gala Premier spot at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Recently, Shawn Produced Sony Pictures’ THE INTERVIEW and Executive Produced the feature film HORNS (Daniel Radcliffe), produced in conjunction with Mandalay Pictures and Red Granite Pictures. Shawn also Executive Produced THE COMPANY YOU KEEP (Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf) with Voltage Pictures, and the miniseries DELETE (Kier Gilchrist, Erin Karpluk). Shawn also served as a producer on a number of films including 50/50 (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen), THE POSSESSION (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), WHITE NOISE (Michael Keaton), PASSENGERS (Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson), and WICKER MAN (Nicholas Cage).

2014-2015 Robert “Bob” Cook: Online; Cable; and Syndicated Television.

Mr. Cook is President/CEO of MBN, Inc., a media marketing and entertainment consulting business that he formed in 2009. 

For nine years as President of 20th Television Mr. Cook oversaw all the domestic television syndication business for the Fox studios. Under his leadership, 20th enjoyed sales and profits that grew year over year and were the highest in its history, exceeding $1 billion annually. 

Before joining 20th Television, Cook was Executive Vice president for CBS Enterprises and King World Productions. Prior to that, Sr. VP of marketing and Ad Sales for Columbia TriStar Television (Sony TV), EVP of Guber-Peters Television, and VP Station Manager of KPXG-TV Portland, Oregon. 

Bob has launched or spearheaded sales syndication for 140 television series and hundreds of motion pictures. He has also produced thousands of hours of reality and scripted programs. Cook was inducted in the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2008. Among the industry awards he has received are an Emmy, Tellys, a Grammy, a CLIO, New York Film Festival awards, Worldfest Awards, a Lulu, Gracies, and countless Promax BDA Gold Muse awards. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and is currently Chairman, Television Academy Foundation Board of Governors.
2015 Steve “Spaz” Williams: Cross Platform Joint Venture Arrangement with Director, Animator, CG Innovator and Disruptive Inventor:

Joint Venture with legendary pioneer Steve “Spaz” Williams. Steve’s career spans several landmark CG moments in film such as: the Pseudopod in THE ABYSS (created the first form of digital life “soft surface” CG character), the liquid-metal T1000 in TERMINATOR 2 (the first CG main character), the infamous dinosaurs of JURASSIC PARK (first digital animals), and, the contortion of Jim Carrey’s face in THE MASK, amongst others.  THE ABYSS, TERMINATOR 2 and JURASSIC PARK each took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in their respective years. All are projects that represent important leaps in CG, in terms of developing the techniques and pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible by the all-mighty pixel. Steve himself was nominated for an Oscar for THE MASK. 

Aside from Steve’s work on these milestone movies, this is THE man that, on his own time, created an animation test that convinced Steven Spielberg and George Lucas that CG was the way to go for JURASSIC PARK. In addition to directing Walt Disney’s THE WILD, Steve is also an award-winning director of over 300 commercials including the breakthrough Carl and Ray Hamster Campaign for Blockbuster. Prestigious honors include: being selected for the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes, receiving multiple Clio Awards for Electronic Arts, as well as for the Blockbuster “Carl and Ray” campaign.

Laura McIntosh: PBS and Syndicated Television Program Development and Production:

2015 - Kicking off our 10th season, M3 is cooking up shows to be filmed in Armenia, Italy, and other exciting global locations. Stay tuned!

2014-2015 BIH after an intensive direct and indirect marketing campaign, BIH grew in carriage from 23 to 43 states.  M3 is actively exploring other PBS presenting stations to expand broadcast carriage.

End of 2013 Solomon J. LeFlore and Susan Gee formed a Joint Venture with Laura McIntosh and M Entertainment (Host and Producer of PBS and Syndicated Television Program “BRINGING IT HOME WITH LAURA McINTOSH” (“BIH”)) to develop and produce more shows and expand the distribution/broadcast of BIH.

2014-2015 Michael Burton: PBS and Commercial Television Syndicated Programs and Development and production: 

Co-production arrangement with WGBH and PBS veteran Michael Burton for PBS Distribution. Michael Burton recently joined America’s Test Kitchen as VP New Business Development with a focus on building partnerships with America’s Test Kitchen TV and Cooks Country TV. In addition, Michael will be working to develop strategic partners across the entire brand. Prior to joining ATK, Michael was VP and Executive Producer at This Old House Productions. In addition to over 25 years of experience in developing and selling PBS Partnerships, Michael has been nominated for six daytime Emmy Awards, winning one, while Executive Producer at This Old House.

2014-2015 KVIE PBS Sacramento Station Advisor and Consultant: “AMERICA’S HEARTLAND”: 

Through great production values and locations, American farmers and ranchers share their passion for hard work and their commitment to food safety, sustainability, environmental stewardship and animal welfare. The show emphasizes the importance of major U.S. commodities and their vital role in the nation and the world. The American farmer represents the national ethos of prosperity achieved through hard work. 

KVIE (the PBS Sacramento Station), the shows producer, is a 501(c)3 company, whose mission is to entertain, educate, enrich, enlighten and inspire diverse audiences and individuals with high quality television programming and related services that enhance the quality of life for people throughout California and the United States.
”AMERICA’S HEARTLAND” airs on 256 public television stations in 32 states covering almost 60 percent of the U.S. It appears in more than 15 of the top 25 U.S. markets. 

It also airs three times a week on RFD-TV, the cable and satellite channel highlighting the rural American lifestyle. Satellite television viewers can get RFD-TV anywhere in the U.S. on DISH  (channel 231) and DirectTV (channel 245). 
“AMERICA’S HEARTLAND” reaches more than 600,000 person impressions per episode, or 27 million viewers. 

2015 Craig Harris - Consulting Producer

Craig is a Three-Time Emmy Award-Winning and Six-Time Emmy nominated producer, director and writer.
His career began in feature film/television casting and production on projects such as American Beauty, Rocky & Bullwinkle and Almost Famous. 
He has worked on the production and development teams for multiple docu-series with production companies like BermanBraun, Ryan Seacrest Productions, GoGo Luckey Entertainment, Sony Entertainment, Nigel Lythgoe Productions, Ellen Rakieten Entertainment and Gurney Productions. 
Craig worked in documentary production for over 16 years including six seasons with Independent Television Service (ITVS).
His work as part of the production team that produced the PBS series Independent Lens for ITVS was recognized with Peabody Awards, Academy Award nominations, DuPont-Columbia Awards, Sundance Film Festival Awards and multiple Emmy nominations including the Primetime Emmy Award.

He brings to projects his understanding and experience of the business of selling a show from idea to series.
Tim Coddington - Co-Producer: 2015 was another busy year for Auckland-based Tim Coddington producing THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES for MTV Films, a limited series based on the epic fantasy series of novels by author Terry Brooks which follows three heroes on a quest to stop an evil army of demons from destroying life as they know it. In 2014 Tim was Co-Producer/UPM on the ambitious Netflix series: MARCO POLO, a drama based on the exploits of the Venetian explorer who is believed to be the first European to write a detailed account of his travels in 13th-century China, which was then ruled by the Mongol Empire. In 2013 Tim was UPM on Michael Mann’s  BLACKHAT starring Chris Hemsworth. In 2012 Tim teamed with executive producer James Cameron and reunited with his CHRONICLES OF NARNIA director Andrew Adamson and line produced CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: WORLDS AWAY and the acclaimed MR. PIP. Tim finished his busy year with the Peter Webber directed EMPEROR. In 2010 Tim co-produced YOGI BEAR; in 2008 was UPM on Walden Picture’s THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN; and in 2007 Co-Produced BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. 

Barry O’Brien Television Series Development and Production: Barry is one of the most successful showrunners in the TV business. With a career that spans over 20 years he is one of the go-to guys for mega television series producers like Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI-MIAMI) and Peter Chernin (TOUCH).  While starting his television career on the physical production side of the business, Barry soon established himself as an outstanding writer as well. He created and executive produced the Disney franchise HANNAH MONTANA and wrote on and executive produced the following, among other shows: HAPPY DAYS; HANGING WITH MR. COOPER; JUDGING AMY; YOUNG EINSTEIN; CSI MIAMI; and TOUCH. 

Joe Minton -- Online and Console Video Game Development and Production: Joe is Co-Founder, President of Digital Development Management.  As president, Joe has overseen the growth of DDM from a single-agent business representing a handful of clients into an international company firmly established as the leading agency in the video game industry. Joe has expanded DDM into Europe and Japan, with additional initiatives in China and the Middle East. Under his direction, DDM has expanded from a console-focused agency into one working actively on every modern gaming platform and business model. He further established DDM’s Game Industry Services division to provide consulting services in additional to agency representation, and DDM’s Game Production Services division to provide all aspects necessary for launching successful games. Joe has negotiated development deals with nearly every major game publisher over his 20 years in the business and he provides clients with management guidance and strategic support. Prior to DDM, Joe was president of Cyberlore Studios, a game developer in business for over 13 years. Joe was honored as one of Variety’s Dealmakers of 2011 and has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times among other publications. Joe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.
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