Family of Companies

About REM

EFG-Renascence Productions (“Renascence”): Renascence is a unique next-generation studio and diversified global media company spanning an integrated mix of content production, exploitation and services businesses. With its strong creative and financial base, the company is known for its ability to assemble premiere talent and develop properties that appeal to a global audience. The company and its federation of “global” filmmakers has developed a reputation as a good supplier of “A” category filmed entertainment for domestic (U.S.) and international markets. We are a company of Storytellers. Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately connect us.

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About EFG

Entertainment Finance Group (“EFG”), sister company of EFG-Renascence Productions, is a Los Angeles-based executive production company which provides and arranges production and distribution related equity and debt products to producers of studio and independent feature motion pictures and other electronic media.

The production of feature length motion pictures and other electronic content requires the combination of management, law, literary material, creative labor, performance labor, finance, and global distribution. EFG has put in place relationships with these parties so meritorious productions will go from good ideas to top quality transmedia content.

EFG is a 20 plus year old company that helps global producers by providing the following services: Development Funding; Co-Production Financing; Equity Investments; U.S. Releases; Cable Premieres; International Sales Arrangements; Banking of Contracts; GAP Financing; Co-Production and Co-Finance Services.

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